Latest Work

The standard size of my images is 18 x 24 with the silk border they are generally 30 x 36 depending on the silk used.

I am always working on new prints and copper plates. Please check back often as I update regularly.

Abstract: Relief

I like pushing copper to its limits often etching the plate for up to 24 hours creating dramatic relief images in the metal. I then hand ink in multiple colors and print on silk, occasionally paper.

Metal Work

Starting with mirror finish copper sometimes I like a plate enough on its own that I may never print it after etching it for 24 hours and controlling the way it oxidizes, I then clear coat it to keep it as rustic image of its own.

After I have printed an image I may ink the plate in multiple colors and let the ink dry before clear coating to seal the copper and ink together making a companion piece for the original print.

Abstract: Aquatint

With my aquatint images I use resin melted on to the copper plates to control the subtle tonal qualities going from white to black. I hand ink in black and print on different types of silk and each one is unique.


My figures range from Nudes to Buddhist influenced images. They are done in the Aquatint technique and I try to show the aura that I feel each image has.

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